Gift Card Software, Loyalty Programs with PatronPal Software

Gift Card Software

Gift Card Software, Loyalty Programs with PatronPal Software


Since 2003 PatronPal has been the leader as one of the largest and oldest loyalty and giftcard software providers with over 2500 customers. PatronPal is a proven and intuitive cloud based solution for gift card software and loyalty programs.

Loyalty Programs work and can increase profits by up to 30%. Giftcards increase revenue while providing goods or services in the future and will increase profits from breakage. Customers will feel more connected and shop and spend more. The cost of acquiring a customer is 7X to 10X more expensive than to retain a customer. Lower your cost of customer acquisition and increase customer retention through Loyalty and Giftcard Programs.

You can implement PatronPal gift card software in-house using industry standard PC, Mac, iPad or point of sale equipment. PatronPal will enable you to completely own your own data and you never pay a transaction fee. No software to install, manage or backup. We take care of everything. You only need a computer, browser and internet access.

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PatronPal Gift Card Software

benefits of gift card software Low Monthly Subscription as low as $19.95
in house gift card program has no monthly fees No contracts or long term commitment
gift card software works through virtual private networks Single or Multi-Store and the power to expand to hundreds of locations
no transaction fees No transaction fees
combines both gift card and loyalty features Full featured Cloud based software

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NEW! Cloud based loyalty program and gift card software


PatronPal.Net is a state of the art web based program for managing loyalty and gift card programs. Like our original software, PatronPal.Net provides the merchant complete ownership of all the data with zero transaction fees. Contact us at (847) 850-2577 to get a demo and access.


benefits of gift card software See demo website
video See video
gift card software works through virtual private networks Web-based program requires no setup
no transaction fees A complete rewrite of our flagship PatronPal product but for the cloud
combines both gift card and loyalty features Full Browser Compatibility with no software to manage or maintain
combines both gift card and loyalty features Runs on Windows, Apple iOS, and Android

Become a reseller today!

PatronPal wants you! Do you have customers that would like to take advantage of a gift or loyalty program. Then we want you to be our reseller. We are always looking for great resellers to take PatronPal to their customers.

Contact us today to become a reseller of PatronPal. Call (847) 850-2577.


PatronWorks Restaurant Point of Sale Software


PatronWorks point of sale is a full point of sale software designed for restaurant operations. When restaurants need to know their customers to build customer relationships, they trust PatronWorks.


restaurant pos benefits Build and Review Orders on Screen
restaurant pos integrates credit cards Integrates Credit Card Processing
restaurant pos integrates loyalty/gift processing Integrates Loyalty/Gift Card Processing
restaurant pos provides table service Table Management

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